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We are a software development agency focusing on standards and code quality. We develop bespoke software solutions according to the clients' needs. Our areas of expertise include but is not limited to: database architecture, backend programming (mostly php and Laravel), frontend programming (javascript, html, css), linux server administration, consulting and many more except one area: we don't do design.

Are we better, quicker or cheaper than other agencies in the industry? Probably not.

Do we develop well tested, high quality product according to high standards? Sure, we do!

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Backend development is mostly done in php using the Laravel framework.


The frontend development can be done using a frontend framework (Vue.js or Angular), or simply using jQuery for simpler applications.

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We use TDD methodology whenever it is possible (and it is almost always possible!) to ensure that our products are robust and maintainable.

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Our team consists of enthusiastic developers, always hungry for challenging projects.

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